Welcome to In Your Element: the Witchcraft supply shop.

I'm Mystic Mermaid, store owner. I'm a psychic witch, kitchen witch, and sea witch. I specialize in hex removal services, pendulum readings, and tarot readings.

My witchcraft journey began when I realized I was being attacked in all areas of health, wealth, and relationships. I traced back the spell work through divination and found a group of 5 women who were after me. After getting my life back on track, I wanted to flip the script, so I decided to use witchcraft for the benefits of others who are trapped in similar situations. Then, I realized just how powerful I am since it took 5 women to try to bring me down through hoodoo and voodoo, and they still failed. 

I hope this store will improve the lives of others and brings peace, love and light to those who shop here.

Blessed Be,

Mystic Mermaid


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